About Us

Music, Sound and Voice for Brands.

As an agency and production house for music, sound and voice in brand communication, TRO creates individual sonic experiences for unique brands.
For over 30 years we have been helping our customers be heard in an increasingly loud world. With a team of 25 consultants, creatives, music and sound artists and with studios in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Berlin as well as a robust studio and partnership network we have been serving clients in Germany, Europe and the world.

We are Service-Driven:

We simplify the process of research, casting, conception, production and licensing of music, sound or voices and always with an impeccable ear for the essential - saving time and money. We are professional, fast, budget-conscious, loyal as well as cooperative and we always go the extra mile.

We are Creativity-Driven:

For the perfect sound in brand experience, customer journey and audio UX we create inspiring con- cepts, produce at the highest artistic level, curate unique play- lists, find the best voices or perfect songs from the global music repertoire and build exciting collabo- rations between artists, music and brands.

We are Technology-Driven:

We are able to predict and measure the effect of music, sound and voice using SonicDNA, a groundbreaking classification system and machine learning algorithm for emotion recognition in acoustic design elements - based on objective data.

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